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Acadia Parish Animal Shelter

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Welcome to the Acadia Parish Animal Shelter web page.  We have many animals, dogs and cats, looking for homes.  We are located in Crowley, Louisiana on west Highway 90 going from Crowley toward Jennings behind the old Rice Museum.  To contact us, please see the "Contact Us" page.
NOTE:  this page is still under construction and should be fully operable by 4-16-05


What's New?

~~Adoption program from 9 Am-12 PM every Saturday
  ~~Adoption fees are $10


5-month-old Chocolate Lab, male
Loves kids and gets along well with other animals
Outdoor dog, and loves to eat!
Will alert you if you have "visitors"
"Hi, my name is T-Boy...I'm a little lab, but not so little...I like to play with my friends, and I'm looking for a nice home with kids and other puppies so I can play.  if you let me in the house, I promise I won't hog the bed...and I don't eat as much as they say I do...I just ate 7 scoops of food this morning, but that's because everyone else was still eating when I finished!  Please let me come and protect your yard?"

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

~Make a dream come true, take home man's best friend today~